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Request for AITask/AITarget Documentation.

Guest Crystaliss

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Guest Crystaliss

I'm looking for information on AITasks and AITargets. I've played around with a few settings, but beyond a few minor edits like getting entities to react/not react to other entities or changing detection ranges, I'm unable to parse the information I seek through testing alone. T.T

Any documentation or other such resources for information on these would be appreciated, as well as any AI modding information in general.

Some specific queries for clarifications can be found in this steam post: https://steamcommunity.com/app/251570/discussions/5/1746769927774005389/

Additionally, I'd be interested in any information on how I might go about creating new or modifying existing AITask/AITarget codes, even if only to get an understanding of their functions firsthand.


Lastly, a few more queries that may not be answered with information offered for the above requests.

G: Can AI be told not to approach a target that is facing it's direction? (stalk/stealth/ambush AI)

H: Can AI be told to avoid a target based on target's surroundings? (fight back against zombies, but flee if more than X. Additionally, don't follow into single approach vector scenarios such as caves)

I: I was unable to find any "speed" settings in the AI, where might I differentiate whether to approach slowly or at full speed?


Thanks you in advance, and best of days.

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A: On AITasks, do higher numbers have lower priority, or is this some sort of loop, or...?


Yes, It loops from first to last, but will hang on some tasks for the duration of the task.

B: As above, but with AITargets?

Same, but AITargets are checked more often than tasks


C: Regarding SetNearestEntityAsTarget Let's say it was instead "class=EntityX,20,20,EntityY,50,50,EntityZ,50,50", and there's an EntityX being 25 away, an EntityY 40 away, and an EntityZ 30 away. X should be not detected because it is outside of the valid ranges. EntityY and EntityZ are valid though, and so it would pick the nearest one. However, there's a comment saying "checked left to right". The only reason I can see for this being a comment, is because the order of targets matters, and so EntityZ, despite being closer, would actually not be targeted? Or is that comment just an erroneous or legacy detail?


Not sure. I assume left most has priority.


D: Regarding SetNearestEntityAsTarget again, what is the defaul referred to by "0 dist uses entity default"? I assume it's the "AINoiseSeekDist" value="8"?


Id think so


E: Regarding ApproachAndAttackTarget, The maxChaseTime shown is zero, this just means it isn't forced to chase for any given period of time?


I think 0 is entity default. It chases a long time anyways. Set it to one and see if break off.


F: SetAsTargetIfHurt lists EntityEnemyAnimal, but SetNearestEntityAsTarget does not. Does this mean that this AI will never seek out EntityEnemyAnimal unless attacked by one, or does AITask-5's ApproachAndAttackTarget's EntityEnemyAnimal change that?


The task is the list of potential targets, the targettask is the actual subset of that list, so the task could just be entity alive then you lower the set using the AItarget.

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Guest Crystaliss

Thank you for the response xyth.

I'll report the findings of any tests I do in this thread.


Regarding maxChaseTime for ApproachAndAttackTarget, I'm still unsure how a zero works. If you are in a building and a hostile detects you, it won't cease breaking in as soon as you stop making noise, but may stop after it breaks something. It makes sense that there's a default, and though I've not found it yet. I'l do some more testing on it later and see what I can find.

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