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Turning Down Dynamite Damage


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Hey guys,


I've been looking all over the place for how to do this? I don't want to add a mod, I'd rather just make the adjustment myself. Any idea how to make the adjustment? If possible, I'd like dynamite to do 0 block damage, same as rockets and such.

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Guest Crystaliss

Here's some code from ammoRocketHE within items.xml


<property class="Action1">

<property name="Class" value="Projectile"/>

<property name="Explosion.ParticleIndex" value="4"/> <!-- which Prefab/particle is used -->

<property name="Explosion.RadiusBlocks" value="5"/> <!-- damage radius for blocks -->

<property name="Explosion.RadiusEntities" value="4"/> <!-- damage radius for entities -->

<property name="Explosion.DamageBonus.water" value="0"/>

<property name="Gravity" value="-6"/>

<property name="FlyTime" value=".2"/>

<property name="LifeTime" value="20"/>


<effect_group name="ammoRocketHE" tiered="false">

<passive_effect name="BlockDamage" operation="base_set" value="2500"/><display_value name="dExDamageBlock" value="2500"/>

<passive_effect name="EntityDamage" operation="base_set" value="210"/><display_value name="dExDamageEntity" value="420"/>

<passive_effect name="ProjectileVelocity" operation="base_set" value="50"/>

<display_value name="dExRadius" value="5"/>



I believe you'd modify the BlockDamage passive effect to 0 for such items to get the effect you're looking for.

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