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Squadz vs Day 60 Horde Night

Laz Man

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Hello Survivors,


Just had our day 60 Horde Night on our rented MP server and boy it was a ton of fun especially when the demolishers showed up. Most fun MP horde night that I have ever had! It was super challenging with only 4 players with the highest leveled players only being in their low 30s. Plus, no electricity setup as of yet... Video upload should be done soon. Enjoy!!! :)


World: Navesgane

Difficulty: Adventurer

Clock: 90 Minute Days

Horde Base: Pawn Shop POI

Players: 4

Blood Moon Horde: 8 max alive per player

Party Game Stage: ~250 total

Demolishers: @ 7:50 & 10:49 of video



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