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Server mod issues, need some clarification.


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I'm trying to use SMX (https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/22) on my friends server. This is how I had it setup the first time around (imagine these screenshots are from Filezilla):


  • Server directory:
Mods folder: https://i.imgur.com/78HuYs2.png


The mod half worked. A lot of elements weren't working, even after having my friends install the mod client-side on their PCs as well. Next I followed a different tutorial. I took the "Config," "Textures" and "UIAtlases" folders alongside the "mod.xml" and "ModInfo.xml" and copied them into 'common/7 Days To Die/Data' and choosing "overwrite" every time I received the "same files" prompt.


  • Example:


Writing this out, I realize overwriting the .xml files probably wasn't smart. But the key point here is that I duplicating the SMX files into both /Mods and /Data.


After I did this, we could no longer connect to the server. So on the server, I deleted every folder/file that matches my example screenshot from the server, ran "verify files" to get the default ones back and the server works again now.



So, my question is: how the heck to I get the SMX mod to work on our server? Where do I copy the files? Are the files needed both client- and server-side?


Is there anything else I need to do? Googling hasn't really helped, everything that I find is about client-side mod installation. As the first part of my post says, the 'copy to common/7 Days To Die/Mods' (server-side) method didn't work properly. What am I missing?


Sorry for making a thread I'm sure already exists, I couldn't find one myself :upset:

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