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Help changing an item display name


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Hello All,


I"m hgaving a really tough time doing somthing that seems like it should be simple. I just want to change the name of the pistol to .40 Caliber Pistol or something like that.


I've tried editing the config .xml, that crashes the game. Web info indicates I have to change the English.txt file to make the name change. I've tried opening the resources.assets file with notepad++, but it displays as gibberish- can't read it.


I tried UAE_0_2 and I've tried AssetBundleExtractor but I can't make these tools work or don't understand them. I can get as far as sseing a list of assets, but English.txt does not seem to be amnong them. Plus, most of what info I am finding is years old.


Can anyone tell me in plain language how to simply change the name of an item to a different name?


Or, a better way to achieve my goal? All I really want is to see ".40 Caliber Pistol" instead of "Pistol" when I touch the icon. Would it just be easier to make acustom item that is named ".40 Caliber Pistol" and uses the pistol icon?


Thanks in advance if anyone can help a noob modder just change a dang name!

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