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Disabling Fuel requirement for Forge


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This might be hard-coded but:

Is there a way to make a block with the Class Forge to not use any fuel - ie: always on and always contributing to the heatmap?


Or what could possibly be ok for my use case is using water as fuel - Bu tI think doing that would make the water valid for vehicles too.



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To don't use fuel in forge (or other):




Search for __ <property name="Modules" __ & delete "fuel" for ID forge



Search & delete __ <window name="windowFuel"/> __ for ID forge


For using water as fuel, I think it's hardcoded...


But try this in items.xml search __ <item name="bucketRiverWater"> __ & add this __ <property name="FuelValue" value="50"/> __ & try...

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