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Junk Rifle Idea.

Adam the Waster

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The Junk rifle was Made by some crafty survivors that basically made a More mobile and versatile version of the Junk Turret.



While the Junk turret is great for defence and perfect for guarding your base! the Junk rifle was Made for the Solo perspose to make a More mobile weapon that uses Junk ammo!



Weapon: The weapon itself was made with some Old Paintball gun parts, a Air Pump to hold air to fire it, some Pipes , a Stock of a Old Shovel and Wahlaaa.


it can hold 35 rounds but can get up to 65 with mods and has a grip to hold the weapon. You load it from the funnel on the top and the ammo will line up into a Port were its ready to fire!.


the Iron sight can be modified to a Reflex Sight up to a 4X4 scope.


the Fire rate is Simi auto but can be changed.


while the damage is not as high as a AK or Tactical AR. it has reliable ammo and easy to fix or maintain.




Crafting: 4 pipes , 5 Mechanical parts , 20 forged iron , 3 duct tape and 25 Scrap Polymer. Goes up with Level!



Perk: can be Found in intellect in "Wasteland Armory" perk (note: not a real perk)

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