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[Docker] 7 days to die server using LinuxGSM with backups, monitor, auto-installable mods and more


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  • vinanrra changed the title to [Docker] 7 days to die server using LinuxGSM with backups, monitor, auto-installable mods and more

More news:

  • [FEATURE] Undead Legacy auto-install support
  • [FIX] Improved Docs
  • [FIX] Docker not receiving signals for clean shutdown
  • [FIX] Add gamedig and fix scripts folders permissions


Hope you guys enjoy the updates, more mods are coming like:

  • Darkness Fall
  • Ravenhearts
  • War of Walkers

But you will need to wait until they release their Alpha 20 mods

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Hey Vinanrra,


First, thank you, new to dockers, new to 7d2d, following your instructions all nice and setup and working Vanilla.


Have a question, I see on the Github, you have DarknessFalls (Planned), a friend of mine who plays on the server with me was asking about it.


Did you have like an ETA etc, just so I can give him the info on it and I'll have a guesstimate when you look out for updating the server to have it running?


I tried just downloading the MOD manually and putting it in the MODS folder (on the server) and even when I installed the same pack on my PC, when I tried to connect (even though the server log showed it was pulling the files for the mod) it said on my PC a server mismatch and wouldn't let me connect.


Unsure if that was a 'me' thing, a server config thing I'd missed, or something else.


I changed the config file (sdtdserver.xml) so it new it was using DF, and I used 7DaysToDie.exe (not 7DaysToDie_EAC.exe)

It gave me

Server Disconnected You:
Unexpected data received. Server is either running an incompatible version of required the client to install mods.


If you have any tips or pointers, I'd be greatly appreciative.


Anyways, keep up the good wood, I look forwards to any updates.



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