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An interesting Test with Gamma


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This is something interesting I found out recently.

MM posted a response about gamma bleeding out texture colors, and

TFP adjusting to allow better color resolution.

This prompted me to test something. I have always lowered my gamma

below the default, and turned off reflections. On my pc reflections

seemed to amplify gamma.


The test: A182.b5


I set gamma to 20, usually i have it set to 17

<spawn maxcount="10" respawndelay="1" time="Day" entitygroup="ZombiesAll" />

for the area.

I needed a volume of entities to see how well it would work.


I had them follow me to the police precinct from Nav added to my random gen.

Blocked the doors and went upstairs.


Time of day: 12 noon-ish


Items Used: a torch, Night vision Goggles, a weapon with a flashlight attachment,

and a pocket full of rocks.


I crouched in a corner and killed a few zombies below with silencer.

They came up the stairs and followed Faatal's breadcrumb trail. Then they began

to randomly mill around searching the last place i fired a shot. They jumped the

rails, or randomly hit a block. Then went on searching. I tuned on night vision to

watch. Then I threw a few rocks, the zombies closet to contact point responded. Then

returned to searching.


I turned on flash light and all responded. I turned it off and moved in stealth and

after a time they returned to search pattern. I repeated with the torch, result

only those with line of sight responded.


I stood by broken window: No change.


So I started thinking, if compromised areas ie. broken windows, open doors etc, had a

gamma plus added to area instead of a light, and plush trees and shadowed areas had a

gamma minus. It might make stealth more visually responsive.


I always thought the option for high gamma was for the youtube videos, to allow viewers

to see the vid better.


Going to test it with prior alphas.

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Crater Creator


You're right I went back and checked in multiple POI's, using sleepers.

I guess it was wishful thinking, the responses originally seemed sporadic when

in stealth mode at different gamma levels.


Since some of the zombies walk at different speeds, I guess they can

follow the breadcrumb trail farther. Which gets them close enough to

sense me.


Normally this is a question i'd ask on discord, but it would have been

too long to post.


Either way thanks, I knew i'd get an answer that would help me understand

more clearly.

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