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Placed prefab while in game (not world editor) always collapses.


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Is it not possible to add a prefab while in a game (not the world editor) and NOT have it collapse? I feel like I'm missing a step, using the wrong blocks, or maybe it just can't be done in game now?



Forgot to add a step of editing windows.xml so the xuiLevelTools shows up in the game and not just the world editor.


1. Build prefab in prefab editor. Reinforced concrete at the ground level.

2. Save prefab.

3. Load game, enable dm and cm.

4. Place a 1x1 selection box by pressing z.

5. Press k to open dynamic prefab menu.

6. Find prefab and "Load into prefab". This shows the green selection area where the prefab will be placed.

7. Open dynamic prefab menu again and press "Apply BB position".

8 The prefab loads.

9. Save world, exit, and start the world back up.

10. If I try to walk on or use ladders in the prefab is just starts to melt and collapse.


I've tried a few different building sizes but they all just melt once your character interact with them.

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Looks like it was an issue of needing to press recalculate stability. Apparently a required step. I used recalc stability in the prefab editor and in the game world before setting foot on the structure. Seems to have fixed the issue.


Good to know, ty!

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I have this issue.  The "prefab" is an export from another game, not from the prefab editor.


I have tried

Load Prefab into selection

Apply BB positions

Recalc stability

Save all POI positions

Recalc stability (again)

Exit and reload the game.


The building collapses when I place any frame or block (which probably trigers the SI calculation)



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