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Thoughts and Prayers for JaxTeller718


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For those who don't know JaxTeller is currently in the hospital for surgery related to a heart attack and infection to the foot. He has been a prominent member of our community and him and others have worked tireless to help our modding community and provide assistance to other modders. He has brought us the Ravenhearst mod for those familiar with his work and has always assisted others.


I wanted to make a thread with TFP blessing for all of us to wish him and his family our best wishes for a speedy recovery. He has his surgery scheduled for today and I will update the OP when there is news.


This information is posted with the permission of Jax's wife.


If anyone wishes to join his discord for his mod for more news you can access it here


https://discord.gg/UvQD699 - There is a link for people who wish to donate if anyone wants to help.



Most recent update

He was in surgery for 3 hours all went well he has a pump attatched to his foot so he will be in the hospital for 30 days. After that they are looking into placing him into a nursing home to continue treatment as he will need continuous iv antibiotics and foot care. It was a little more then they thought before going into surgery and they had to shave more of the bone on the side of his foot but the doc said he should be ok walking once the pump is removed. So it looks like he is bed ridden for a month. I am greatful for the prayers, thoughts, and well wishes.


Hey guys i went to hospital today and its a bad day. Jax for some reason cant stand and was running a fever. Unsure if he will be moved to rehab section of the nursing home tomorrow or not. He has to be mobile in order to be moved.
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Update: This surgery was put off till tomorrow he will be loosing his baby toe and part of the bone near it. I could use all the prayers i can get for him and all the good vibes as you all know he already had a major heart attack and another this time. They are monitoring him and his cardio gave clearance to do this so they can try to save as much of his foot as possible.


If anyone is in my discord and wants to update this with what im informing you so people know feel free to do so and i appriciate the help. Thank you so much and have a great day guys!

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I'll pray for both you and your family Jax. We are all behind you. Focus on getting better!


Update: This surgery was put off till tomorrow he will be loosing his baby toe and part of the bone near it.


Jax has been restoring things that have been removed for years in this game so I have no doubt he'll find a way to compensate for the loss of his toe and be back to kicking ass anyway!! :)

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