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Zombie strength vs blocks


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One of the items on my wish list is to have a tiered system that determines which zombies can destroy which blocks.


So basically the lower level zombies can only actually do damage to wooden structures and eart, and the next tier be able to also damage stone, and then concrete and so on.


This would allow you to capture low level zombies in an enclosed space built from higher level blocks, until a higher level zombie drops in there and makes a path out for all of them!


During night time all the zombies could be raised one tier stronger, and on horde night two tiers!


Another mechanic that would have a similar effect would be for low level zombies to do "nearly" no damage against higher level materials, causing them to be trapped "for a long time" unless there are many of them working together! Essentially they not only do very little hit points damage, but only have a smaller percentage chance per hit to actually do any damage at all.

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I did release something almost exactly like what you are describing..


I had this brewing for a few months, but only recently released it 6 days ago.


Edit: You can basically capture them, but they will eventually de-spawn after awhile. I also have an added set of mechanics that, the more a player damages the zombies, they get weaker and slower. Along with, the Zombies gradually get faster and stronger, as it gets closer to midnight, and they get gradually weaker and slower, the closer it gets to Noon.

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