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Sound Problems


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I have relatively recently, within the past few weeks, begun having sound issues.  It varies when it starts, but what will happen is that sounds from tools, vehicles, and even opening storage containers will be lagged and it's a toss of the dice weather you hear it at all.  Likewise the audio that plays certain times of night for instance (music for lack of a better word) will either lag, half play (play when it would normally be half through) or be entirely skipped.<br><br>Two of the more annoying ones will be, for instance, using the nail gun and only hearing every 3rd or 5th+ usage sound trigger.  Another is with the motorcycle, where the engine sound will be about 1/4 what it should be without notice, and using shift to speed up seems to make it worse.<br><br>Examples of the motorcycle: <br>

one has it happening.  At 13s or so in, I tire of it and let off of the shift key, only using normal acceleration.<br><br>Expected:<br>[video=youtube;AOux1M-_oA8]
<br><br>I have not been experiencing sound issues in other games.  Reloading the world usually resolves it for a short time (main menu/back in).
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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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