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How To Set This Up? Any Help Appreciated.....


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Hello everyone!

I been messing around with my server and finally have it all like I want except one thing. Right now I'm in the middle of making a spawn areafor people on my server to go too. Now, I have been a few different servers in the past and I seen that they had areas in their spawn area where people could go and get resources. There would be stone, wood, brass, lead, etc and when you are there collecting that resource of choice it basically respawns after they collected that resource. It automatically respawns QUICK.

I would LOVE to have this set up on my server but don't know where to find this info on how to do this.

Could someone help me with this? I would appreciate it SO MUCH.


If there is a link where someone already asked this plz post link. I have not found anything yet but figured I ask.

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Setting spawn locations is easy. Never before have I run into magically re-spawning resources though. It's probably a custom mod.


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Oh just had a thought on how you could do it. It would be something that would put a pretty heavy load on the server, and could easily kill players or make them endlessly fall through the world. Just make the whole thing a POI, and have a script respawning the POI every few minutes on a schedule.


Still more work than it's worth to make an easy-mode server. Just use a starting bag mod to give them a huge stack of resources.

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I recall years ago being on a server which had a lobby of sorts where you could go to get a small bit of resources to help you start off.

There was a wall with framed areas containing the resource you would to have. You could go and hit the blocks and it would give you a small (very small to not be OP) amount of the resource named. As you hit the block it would diminish and when it was gone it would suddenly reappear and you could go again.

I am guessing the blocks just downgraded to themselves and they had them set to give smaller amounts of resources than their "wild cousins".

I wouldn't know off hand how to do this but someone out there knows I am sure.

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