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First Aid Bandage Crafting


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I read in the release notes for a18 that you can get most schematics/recipes with skill points. However, in the unlocks tab for First Aid Bandages, it lists two prerequisites: The schematic for it, and "Yeah, science!" I'm not sure how to interpret that. First of all, I put 4 points into intellect and then two into Yeah, Science! and the description in that skill says it allows me to create first aid bandages. However, the skill prerequisite is still listed alongside the schematic in the unlocks tab of the recipe even after putting a point in that level of the skill. Do I need both the skill and the schematic to craft it? If so, then why did the release notes say most items can be learned through skill points/perks? Surely First Aid Bandages are among the items they were referring to, being that they're pretty essential.

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