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TacticalAction by IvanDX updated to 19.2


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Original mod thread: https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?101011-MOD-TacticalAction-A17-TrainingManual


Massive update.  It's been updated to 19.4

Derived from Ivan's latest release, found here:




Credit goes to IvanDX for the original mod.  I just rebalanced it to fit with vanilla, added descriptions, fleshed out things such as the boxes, crates, and metalboxes, and changed their ammo contents and drop rate.  Weapons can now be found in the Secret Stash, crafted at workbenches, and have matching schematics.

TL;DR: This mod is now more about adding more HQ vanilla-esque guns, and nothing else.  Thanks again to IvanDX for his blessing and original work.  Without him, this wouldn't exist.


EDIT: This isn't a friendly update, since the Katana and Chinese Sword were removed.  So installing on existing saves will cause errors and character resets if any of those missing items are on your character.  Apologies for the late warning, but new game advised.

EDIT2: Updated the recipes for Metal boxes so that all are craftable, fixed the recipe for 40mm Grenade rounds to work at Demo Expert Level 5, and the localization files' names so that all weapon and ammo names are spaced out properly.


  1. Made it possible to craft the mods for the TA Guns.  Vanilla schematics are used to unlock their TA equivalents.  So Laser sights unlock TA's Laser Sight crafting, etc.  One new tier 3 schematic is added for the gun mods that are combinations of Reflex Sights and Scopes, as well as the other rare ones. 
  2. Only Red Glow Sticks will be in loot, in order to unclutter your inventory.  You can still change their colors like normal. 
  3. More localization edits spacing out and/or renaming items.  Should cover everything this mod offers now.

EDIT4: Updated google drive link. 


I've made some more changes to the mod, small patches here and there, but I don't remember what.  I wouldn't consider it compatible with the previous versions just to avoid conflicts, but you shouldn't have to restart a world or anything either.

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The only thing I wasn't able to bring into the new world was the Beacon system...


It's cool, but don't give up on orbital beacon drops just yet. Believe Telric is working on something very similar over here with his "Thumper" system:



...I'm no author. Just a guy who likes shooting zombies.

Well said! Thank you for your time an effort reanimating this modlet. Look forward to testing the waters, an getting it working with DeceptiveJax Action Skills.

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I wouldn't be surprised if it works just fine. But when I first started, I got rid of everything that was giving me errors and slowly added things in so I could work on them one at a time. I never got around to doing the beacons again. I wouldn't be surprised if they work just fine. The animations and everything did, iirc it just didn't drop loot or summon zombies. But that may have been because there were error codes in my build, which screws everything up. I'll give it another gander later.

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Is this mod SDX/DMT or a modlet? I remember I couldn't run the original mod for some reason.


Just a regular Modlet. No SDX or DMT. The original changed some things in the localization file and the UI, so maybe you had to choose between it and something else?

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What's in the alt and alt.manifest? Just wondering if there's an xpath or dmt workaround for whatever it's doing.


Yeh it just seems to be the actual weapons, which can now all be done via xpath (which is a lot easier to install than having people copy files into different folders)... so do you have access to the .unity3d files Tristam?

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What's in the alt and alt.manifest? Just wondering if there's an xpath or dmt workaround for whatever it's doing.


a List of alt.manifest, hope i can post it here.



- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/Mods/AimpointM3Prefab.prefab

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/colt1911/1911_fire.ogg

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/coltM1873/1873_fire1.ogg

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/USP9/usp_reload.ogg

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/USP9/uspPrefab.prefab

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/M249/M249_fire_start.ogg

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/P99/P99_fire.ogg

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/hk416/hk416AEPrefab.prefab

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/m82a1/m82overlay.png

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/hk416/hk416_fire_end.ogg

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/Mods/RMRSightPrefab.prefab

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/m110/m110CEPrefab.prefab

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/coltM1873/M1873Prefab.prefab

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/USP9/usp_shoot.ogg

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/blocks/BBQ01/BBQCookedLegPrefab.prefab

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/blocks/AirDropS/AirDropTempPrefab.prefab

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/Beretta93R/b93r_fire.ogg

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/trb/trb_shoot.ogg

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/M4A1/M4AEPrefab.prefab

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/glock18/glock_fire_end.ogg

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/ACR/acrFSPrefab.prefab

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/blocks/AirDropS/AirDropSPrefab.prefab

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/blocks/AirDropS/BeaconYPrefab.prefab

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/ump/ump_fire_s.ogg

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/Kar98K/kar98kFire.ogg

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/Mods/BurrisSightPrefab.prefab

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/m110/m110Prefab.prefab

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/M1894/m1894Prefab.prefab

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/mp5n/mp5n_fire_end.ogg

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/AWP/awp_fire.ogg

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/M4A1/M4FSPrefab.prefab

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/MK23/mk23socom_fire.ogg

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/Melee/katanaBlackPrefab.prefab

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/coltM1873/1873_fire2.ogg

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/gatling/gatend.ogg

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/ACR/acr_fire_start.ogg

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/trb/trbPrefab.prefab

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/mp5n/mp5nPrefab.prefab

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/hk416/hk416FSPrefab.prefab

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/glock18/glock18Prefab.prefab

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/M4A1/M4Prefab.prefab

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/AWP/awpCEPrefab.prefab

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/m82a1/M82_fire.ogg

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/blocks/BBQ01/BBQFramePrefab.prefab

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/ACR/acrPrefab.prefab

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/Mods/ANPEQ15Prefab.prefab

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/M249/M249Prefab.prefab

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/gatling/m134Prefab.prefab

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/colt1911/colt1911Prefab.prefab

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/Melee/cszAttack.ogg

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/M1894/m1894_fire.ogg

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/blocks/BBQ01/BBQRawLegPrefab.prefab

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/ACR/acrAEPrefab.prefab

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/ump/ump_fire_end.ogg

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/coltM1873/1873_fire3.ogg

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/Beretta93R/b93r_fire_end.ogg

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/m110/m110_sli_fire.ogg

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/MK23/mk23_fire.ogg

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/Mods/ACOGPrefab.prefab

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/M4A1/556_sil_s.ogg

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/ump/umpPrefab.prefab

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/M1g/M1g_Fire.ogg

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/mp5n/mp5n_fire_s.ogg

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/M1g/M1g_eject.ogg

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/m82a1/m82a1Prefab.prefab

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/M4A1/m4_fire_end.ogg

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/trb/trbLAMPrefab.prefab

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/blocks/AirDropS/BeaconGPrefab.prefab

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/Mods/cqbssPrefab.prefab

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/hk416/hk416Prefab.prefab

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/m110/m110_fire.ogg

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/Beretta93R/b93rPrefab.prefab

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/M1894/m1894_reload.ogg

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/Kar98K/Kar98KPrefab.prefab

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/ACR/acr_fire_end.ogg

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/blocks/ammobench/ammobenchPrefab.prefab

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/M4A1/556_sil_end.ogg

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/M249/M249_fire_end.ogg

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/gatling/gatlp.ogg

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/MK23/mk23Prefab.prefab

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/Melee/CSwordExorPrefab.prefab

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/AWP/awpPrefab.prefab

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/P99/p99Prefab.prefab

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/Mods/NVpadPrefab.prefab

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/blocks/AirDropS/BeaconHandPrefab.prefab

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/hk416/hk416_fire_s.ogg

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/Mods/EOTechPrefab.prefab

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/blocks/FountainS/FountainSPrefab.prefab

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/blocks/AirDropS/BeaconRPrefab.prefab

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/blocks/AirDropS/BeaconBPrefab.prefab

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/gatling/gatstart.ogg

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/glock18/glock_fire.ogg

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/M1g/M1gPrefab.prefab

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/blocks/BBQ01/BBQLegPrefab.prefab

- Assets/AllWeapon/ALT/M4A1/m4_fire_s.ogg

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Mod could be redone using Xpath now, so was hoping he had access to the unity files.


Get to it it then, Guppy. Link below.


The unity3d files are in the Resources folder of the original Chinese mod, which was listed as "Domonix's SDX". Rest of the assets were included in the updated version's "Alt" file. Looks to be originally an SDX overhaul mod. Here is a copy of the original A16.4 mod ONLY (158Mb download):




Extracting the "Alt" file along with all the .unity3d files above results in over 500Mb of assets. Let me know if you need them all extracted Guppy, and I will post another link. If the original author wishes me to remove the link above, please DM me and I will be happy to oblige.

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Some problems I've encountered: The M 110 sniper rifle when i zoom in the scope is blacked out, cant see through it. The silencer for the MP5 and the UMP 45 are not aligned properly, they float above the gun. Don't suppose anyone knows how to fix these issues? I don't have a clue.


I don't either. but the M110's scope works when you put a scope mod on it. I suspect it has something to do with the model. I didn't notice the silencer issue, since I don't use them, but you can change the alignment of things in the XMLs. I just forget which one. I never worked with that, so I don't know how much the values move things. Might be a lot of trial and error at work there.

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The unity3d files are the bundled packages someone would need to call in the XML, and it looks like the manifest provides the names for the assets in the bundle so that's doable, but I'm afraid without the actual fbx/obj files, fixing things (like that blacked out scope, or holdtypes) wouldn't be doable. It's also not a very interesting mod to me personally, since there are already many "add lots of gun" mods. War3zuk's comes to mind.


So basically you'd need to try each weapon, see which ones are "good as is", then make the XPath mod to use only those weapons. But yeh you'd need all of the .unity3d files. Interesting they kept them seperate...


Wouldn't be too hard of a project for a somewhat experienced modder, or even one who wants to get their feet wet for the first time. I'd be happy to help answer questions but have no desire myself. Adding new entities without sdx/dtm code at the moment, and that's taking all my time.

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I don't either. but the M110's scope works when you put a scope mod on it.


Ah cool, I will add a scope to "fix" it then, thanks.


Guppycur, I wouldn't say there are 'many' mods that add a lot of guns anymore. I am using War3zuk's mod which is great, and he keeps adding more guns gradually which is nice. Mayic's gun mod was great too but he doesn't seem to be working on it anymore unfortunately. So as these mods are abandoned and become unusable it doesn't leave a lot to choose from. I just can't be bothered to use the vanilla weapons anymore.

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Well the good news (in theory) is that going forward, mods like War3zuk's will be compatible in future versions, or at the very least, he'll need to load the new version of unity a19+ is on and re-export... so no more "abandoned mods", hopefully. I hadn't realized the other modders were not keeping up.

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