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GregTech 6 DLC or MOD.

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These are suggestions to. Game developers 7DTD have done this.

Like DLC or like MOD.


Really worth adding GregTech 6 (from Minecraft) to the game.

So that machines can be made from different ores and they have different qualities.


It is also worth paying attention to other advantages of this mod.

In the field of mining and ore processing.


So that you can make different machines from different materials.

So that you can make different tools from different materials.

For geology and ore mining to be more realistic and require sophisticated machines for ore production. (I can’t explain this, you need to look at MOD)


This addition would make the game much more attractive and more difficult.

Greg Tech is not for beginners, but for those who want more realism in the field of geology and ore processing.

(In order to understand what I'm talking about, you need to have a strong desire to sort it out and play Greg Tech 6)

Namely, to make machines, you need tools.

To make blocks for the cars, you need machines.


Ore generation is more complex and consists of minerals (not pure ore).

And from minerals you can extract ore in a difficult way in machines.


I just can’t explain it, you need to install GregTech on Minecraft and play it to appreciate how cool and beautiful it is.

Of course Greg Tech 6 in Minecraft is incredibly heavy and incomprehensible. (It is not friendly implemented.)


You could make it similar, but simpler and more understandable for people, and this would bring a lot of popularity to the game 7 Days To Die(specifically guides and instructions in the game itself with a detailed description machines and tools).






For example youtube channel developer "Bears Den"

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