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Operation Pismo Beach


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Finally got an auger up and running and with my ready made source of fuel being zombies I am not getting ready to embark on a new mission. Since my latest base is near the city my plan is to tunnel into the city and build hatches into the major buildings. Sadly we don't get the writing ability our PC brethren do but hopefully I can remember where each tunnel leads(I know I can mark them but that would make for a messy compass.). I'll have to take some screenshots tonight if I go on and let you guys see what I am talking about but this should be amusing. Only issue is the damn screamers that keep showing up at my base around 5am. I thank them for the fat they provide but damn it gets annoying when they bring dogs to the party.

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I made tons of tunnels on the official navezgane map. That's my old server of over 300+ days and 3 MD5 bugs. I went corner to corner of all four corners. Besides going to all major towns and what not. With a ladder going up and a hatch and concrete walls around. Besides I used signs in the tunnels telling which way and what it is besides tons of torches light up the tunnels. Even dug enough to start driving mini bikes through. I never believed in the auger though.


I just used the pick and shovels. Once you keep going through them with high ranks its like a swing or two per block. Also a bug if you see through a dirt block into emptiness and step into it, it send you up to the surface. I'd have to re-upload some videos from the XBOX live cloud. Cause I cleaned out most my hard drive for videos. But I got videos of me digging. Also be careful with very long ladders going deep. That server I must of died a few times falling.


Actually just checked. I don't have any old videos. I deleted them of my tunnels. So I fired up the old map and run around down in the tunnels. Also when I bring up the map. Every pathway on the map is actual tunnels. I had to have signs in the tunnels. Cause forget where your going after a while. Also need like storage boxes to keep food and water. Besides if your digging its nice to save the raw iron and clay and dirt and what not.




It gets to be a chore just sprinting in the tunnels as well. Takes hours to go from one tunnel to another. Best to dig two blocks wide for mini bike rides.

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Actually I see its only day 240. But felt like over 300 days with three MD5 bugs on this server. Also the days feel long digging through most of them days.











Also best to have concrete blocks on each side of the ladder if its a very tall ladder. Just incase you slip off you can land to the side on the concrete blocks every couple feet up besides I put torches up everywhere.




https://gameclips.io/GRAW2ROBZ/bdb58644-aa31-413b-b660-f98ee5aea716 At the strip club. I have them rusty bars aimed sides ways flat around the roof so no spiders can climb up. Also I have over passes going away from the building on each wall. So I got a view of the building a few feet beyond to kill and stragglers scratching on the lower walls.


https://gameclips.io/GRAW2ROBZ/10a5becf-b141-49e8-b0d6-562be9c141ea Always close your hatches.

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