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Cannot launch the game


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Hello to the community,


I am a new player and I cannot get the game started when I launch it from Steam.. I have little experience in the gaming world.


I am running linux 18.04, 64 bits

When I start the game the screen is all black but I hear the sound of the start menu, plus when I pass my sourris on the black screen I can hear a noise. I don't know how to fix it and I hope you guys can help me :smile-new:


Processor : Intel® Core™ i5-3230M CPU @ 2.60GHz × 4

graphic card : Intel® Ivybridge Mobile

RAM : 7.7 Gio

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Saying it is below minumum specs is probably not completely accurate as the minimum spec doesn't say anthing about GPU speed, but even compared to a current low-end dedicated graphics card like the RX550 your GPU seems to be about 5 times slower. Which isn't even that bad considering this is a 2011 notebook GPU from Intel (which till today is lagging behind Nvidia and AMD in GPU speed)


Even at lowest settings and lowest resolution (I think 640x400 is lowest) I would guess you won't ever reach 20 frames per second (aka picture redraws on the screen per second) even if you could get the game to run eventually. That is almost unplayable for you AND it probably will introduce funny bugs as the game loop needs 20 updates per second to work correctly.


But my estimation is just that, a guess. The game is getting faster or slower with every new alpha. If you want to get more accurate info, read https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?37912-IMPORTANT-Please-Read-Before-Creating-New-Threads . There is an explanation how to find and submit a logfile. A logfile is a text file with lots of information about what the game is doing at any step of its startup.

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I happen to have a similar machine so, for science, decided to test it.

It's a i5 3550 so it's a little bit more powerful than yours, but has the

ivy bridge HD graphics.


The game did load up for me using the Lowest settings @ 640 x 480 and I got

between 20-30 FPS. Also there was a lot of lag between mouse movement and

what I saw on the screen.


For me, this was unplayable.

Even if you were able to get it to run, you would have worse performance than I

did because your processor and igfx are mobile versions and thus slower.


Here's the log for the curious. Output Log

Framerates are in the logs.


Here's a picture of what it looks like at the lowest settings.




Edit: There are memory settings in the bios for the integrated graphics and I set them

to "Max". Dunno how much memory that is though, but the log says 512 mb.


Also, your logs are in the 7 Days to Die game folder in a folder called "7DaysToDie_Data".


I'm honestly very surprised that it ran on this gpu.

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