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@TFP IDEA: Screamers


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I think it would be amazing if sleeping Screamers were rarely found in POI's.


If a player can kill a sleeping Screamer before she wakes and summons more zombies that would give a feeling of reward for those that clear POI's stealthily. This would also add incentive for being stealthy.


For those who do not go in being stealthy it would add addition challenge when clearing a POI with guns blazing. This I think would also help satisfy the desires of a lot of players that wish there was more zombies.


If emplemented correctly, I cannot think of any real negetive reasons why this would be a bad thing.



Original idea credited to Tin found here: https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?148002-More-zombies&p=1093470&viewfull=1#post1093470

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