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Crowbars & E-Tools


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I'd like these.



A melee weapon that deals bonus damage to wooden constructions (one-hits any crate) and locked containers.


Strength perk: Crowbar Warrior

Improves melee with crowbars - the special effect might be a chance to trip.


Any other perks could probably be covered by a set of books.


Crowbar book perks:

- Usual +damage, -stamina cost, etc.

- Steel crowbar and pry bar schematic

- Brief luck boost after breaking a lock or crate

- Chance to one-shot a locked container (full set bonus?)


Related item: Pry bar

Version 1: An item that counts as a knife with respect to melee combat, but a crowbar with respect to objects.

Version 2: A single-use utility item that can be jammed into a locked container, multiplying most sources of damage against it.


Entrenching Tools

An all-in-one tool that deals better block and melee damage than a stone axe, and adds digging capability. Because it is also a construction tool, it cannot perform power attacks.



Saves inventory space

Cheap/fast to make? Might require schematic and a resource like steel tool parts, but no workbench or additional forged steel.

Better at harvesting than a sledgehammer



Not as efficient as specialized tools, especially for players with power tools or high ranks of Sexual Tyrannosaurus.

Lower durability than specialized tools, using more repair kits if used as a main tool.

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