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Suggestion for "Mass Processor"


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3-4x the cost of a forge and requiring all the hard to come by materials,

all this thing is is a hyper-smelter/forger that cuts forging times by (%age)


Purely for end-game play and processing of large amounts of materials.


It could further be balanced by causing stronger zombie tables to roll making it a question of wether or not to even turn it on in exchange for the faster craft times.

Further balancing could be that this machine only crafts things that are craftable in bulk such as darts, forged ingots, gun powder and cement (but not mix) but specifically dont allow things like uncentered bars and things with odd cuts/angles and actual building blocks. (Just to keep the forge having a purpose)


In realistic terms this would be a combination industrial smelter/semi-automated fabrication machine.

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