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Your access to your server is extremely limited so your only option is to setup a weekly FTP transfer of your world to a PC. On that PC you can run a batch file that deletes regions matching your parameters e.g r.*.1?.7rg, r.*.-1?.7rg etc.


Then if you can shutdown your server you delete your world files and reupload the backup that has been trimmed.


You could automate it with FTP software, windows task scheduler and some .bat files or scripts.


I'm searching the forums trying to learn more about backing up servers, and I find this post a little over 5yrs past.

So they are talking in this quote above on deleting a region files, does doing this help the performance of a server?

If so .. if I was to do fresh copy of a map, would this server the same purpose? however is there a way to back up map areas like buildings /bases built ?

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