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Buying multiple game keys at Steam Promotion price?


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Can't seem to figure this out..


So we're planning a LAN at work in April. And as 7 days are my goto game, ~1500 hours in, and have a cloud server going for the second year, i would like to attempt to hook more people on it.


And as 7 days are on a promotion price $6,39 at Steam now, i wanted to buy 10 or 20 keys, that i can gift anyone even remotely interested at the LAN..


But on Steam you can only gift to the people you already have as friends.

Humble don't have the promotion price, so its €22,99

Pimps own page for buying keys are still at $24.99 for each key.


So anyone have any experience or ideas and know how to get more keys at the steam price?



Bjorn Tore

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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