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Can it run better?


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I need some help please, please!!

I'm trying to get 7 days running better on my wife's desktop. It used to run just fine on her desktop and laptop until A18. Now no matter what video settings we try, she is only running at maybe 10-15 FPS MAX if she stands still and there is nothing around. But if she starts sprinting, or a zombie shows up, it's down to maybe 0-4 FPS or just freezes and sends her to the title screen. Super annoying and i can't figure out how to get it working any better.


Any help with game settings would be a great help.


Her specs:

Processor: i7-8700

RAM: 8 GB DDR4-2400

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070


Running Windows 10


Thank you so much!


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1. Make sure GPU drivers are up to date. Download the latest from Nvidia directly.


2. On the laptop, make absolutely certain that it's plugged into AC power, and the power profile is set for Maximum Performance.


3. If you haven't already, the game should be running on a SSD.


4. Plan on upgrading to 16GB RAM. 8GB is the min spec. That will hold you back when things start happening.


5. If you ever manually configured the Pagefile, undo that. Let Windows 10 handle it. Changing the default will not improve anything.


Outside of that, more information like a log or published Speccy report would be needed. Instructions are in the Sticky thread that tells you to read it before posting.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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