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What attribute do I mod to make vehicles climb ramps?

Noisy Pants

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I build bases with a ramp built near the side using a drawbridge to connect the ramp to my base. The drawbridge leads to a small garage that is part of my base. I vaguely remember when the minibike was the only means of transportation and it would go up ramps without any problems. New vehicles are available, which is great, only catch is - all the vehicles have been neutered and barely have any spunk unless one is on flat ground. Example:

I'm using the motorcycle as my guinea pig and I have change almost every numeric value in the attributes to no avail. Please help me.
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Someone asked this a while back when A18 first dropped so I made a modlet to improve the vanilla Motorcycle.


Improved motorcycle physics


Also improved speed and made the motorcycle lean into corners without the annoying popping to center with the base version.


Not looked at 4x4 or other stuff for ramp climbing but the main changes where torque related as i remember doubled min torque and trebled max torque coupled with velocity change. Feel free to take a look at my modlet for the changes in the vehicle.xml.


Ragsy !!

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