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A18 Recreate a current SP map on a dedicated SteamCmd server

Guest mwgriffiths88

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Guest mwgriffiths88

Hi there.


Firstly, I'm taking this opportunity to thank the pimps for the work they've done so far, and continue to do, 7D2D is a great game.


I have a map created on a SP save and I'd like to recreate this map on a dedicated MP server that runs on SteamCmd. Everything is setup and ready to go, but I can't figure the correct values for the serverconfig.xml to get it create the map. Instead, it just generates a new, unfamiliar one.


I'm taking a stab that the properties of interest are the ones I've outlined below; I've also included their current values:


  • GameWorld - RWG
  • WorldGenSeed - Zehayu Territory
  • WorldGenSize - 4096
  • GameName - SURVIVAL
  • GameMode - GameModeSurvival


I'm pretty sure the values must be incorrect. I'd appreciate it if any of you guys can help me figure out the steps required to get the correct values in the right places.


Many thanks for your time.

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