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Discussing the Silencer Mod


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Hey TFPs Team and other readers.


First time posting, about 1k hrs on record playing, through a11 I believe, anyway.


I would like the devs to reconsider the changes made to the silencer mod with this latest batch of updates.


The move to improve ADS vision by adjusting the suppressor has resulted in models that are very distracting in other ways. Mainly the misalignment of the suppressor and the barrel. (Looking at you Pump Shotgun)


Perhaps some would consider this something that would only annoy "gun nuts", but I think that this goes beyond that.


I believe a fair trade-off for having suppressed shots on your weapon costs some iron sight visibility.

This certainly isn't a new idea. Plenty of examples exist of this.

Additionally, the ADS blockage wasn't extreme in the least, and could be easily countered with a red dot, or a x2 scope. (Or just focusing on your dynamic cross hairs)


To finish up, I felt that the gun models prior to this update were very natural, and beautiful. I feel these changes were unnecessary, and hope you will take my thoughts into consideration.


If you've read this far, thank you!


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