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New Server! Builder Friendly | PVP | 400% XP


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Welcome to Builder Friendly | PVP!


This server is builder friendly, meaning explosives have been nerfed and there are rules in relation to raiding that protect player bases. This allows for a builder friendly environment, all while enjoying the Player vs Player (PVP) aspect of the game we've all come to enjoy. Furthermore, days on Builder Friendly are 90 minutes long and loot respawns every 4 in game days. New players have no need to fear joining this server for the first time as they spawn with a custom starter pack, allowing them to get a head start in the dangerous environment.


The server hardware is top of the line! We spared no expense for our community and invested in a Ryzen 3950X, with 32GB of RAM and an HP ex950 NVMe m.2 hard drive, which will ensure the smoothest experience possible. We backup the server daily, which will allow us to restore data that has been corrupted or if someone breaks the rules and destroys a base. We run the server out of a data center, located in Los Angeles, California with DDOS protection so your personal information will be safe. We have added security within the server and use a service called Botman, Botman protects and manages the server. Botman allows for a smoother 7 Days to Die experience without the hassle of dealing with hackers and cheaters constantly. Keep in mind, Builder Friendly PVP is hosting 7 Days to Die, an Alpha game, and we have limitations as to what we can do as far as performance goes due to this.


Top of the line servers and the best server manager does not come cheap; for this reason, along with several requests from our membership, we have implemented a donation shop. Here you will be able to make donations and receive perks in return, all while knowing your donation goes towards the life of the server, as well as the community. At Builder Friendly, we DO NOT break the The Fun Pimps EULA, unlike several servers out there today.  The donations provided within the confines the EULA assists the team in continuing to provide the best possible hardware and service to the Builder Friendly community. 


For more information on our server, please visit our website:


Hope to see you in the server!




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Builder Friendly | PVP Server Modifications:



Mods created by db:

  1. Custom starter items;
  2. Increased stack sizes;
  3. Wood log spikes; and
  4. Nerfed explosives.


Mods created by RELIX:

  1. Custom UI.


Mods created by Valmars:

  1. Working ovens and sinks.


Mods created by Highope:

  1. 50 slot backpack;
  2. Starter quest;
  3. More seats for vehicles; and
  4. Custom dye and workstation.


Mods created by Highope & Smegzor:

  1. Botman


Mods created by yeastygoodness:

  1. Entrenching Tool.


Mods created by Ragnarok:

  1. Screen Mod.


More server modifications coming soon! Remember, server stability will always be priority over modifications. Botman commands can be found on our website at www.deadboltgaming.com.


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