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New Server! Builder Friendly | PVP | 400% XP | NEW 05/03

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Builder Friendly | PVP | 400% XP | NEW 05/03


Hello everyone,


Check out the ever growing community! The server is designed to be builder friendly with a 0 tolerance of base demolition but does allow raiding and PVP. You are only allowed to do the minimum damage necessary to break into a base. This allows for bigger bases!


The server has 90 minute days and is bot protected. There is a live map URL as well as tons of cool mods, too many to name!


Check us out:


Website: www.deadboltgaming.com

Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/tFG9pKj



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Builder Friendly | PVP Server Modifications:

  1. Slick User Interface;
  2. Custom recipes;
  3. Botman Teleport settings;
  4. Botman /gimme and other fun commands, type /commands in game;
  5. Botman in game shop, type /shop for access;
  6. Empty jars can be filled from sinks;
  7. Ovens work and act like campfires;
  8. Block damage for dynamite and rockets are reduced significantly for the builder friendly server;
  9. Generator fuel tank increased to 10,000;
  10. Turrets do three times the damage and have increased range;
  11. Custom starter kit;
  12. Stack sizes are increased;
  13. Custom decorative items, type "Decor" in the search field to view them all;
  14. More table saw recipes and workbench recipes;
  15. Custom in game shop with tons of Decor;
  16. Custom health bars showing zombie life;
  17. Over 15 custom zombies including a research camera to do scientific research on them;
  18. Over 20 custom weapons and armor;
  19. Several custom items including the AutoMiner, used to automatically mine resources; and
  20. Custom vehicles,  M4 Sherman, Army Truck, Jetpack and more.
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