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Remove The Map


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This modlet obscures the player wold map and disallows interaction with it.



- You can no longer see the biomes, POI's, roads, etc. Its all greyed out

- You can no longer set/share waypoints since the map is not interactive.

- You can no longer see the stats that were inside the map (elevation, temp, wind, day/time), however the temperature is accessible via the player stats menu, and the day/time is in the main game UI so all you lose is elevation and wind.

- You can still see your location coordinates on the map screen

- You can likely (not tested) see other allies on the map


You essentially have to rely on the compass for bedroll location (if you have one) and quests/airdrops/backpack locations as they show up as exclamation points on the compass. In addition, you should see the "distance" to an active quest marker in the main game UI.

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