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Guest Rage_pizza

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Guest Rage_pizza

Hello All,


New poster here. I would typically avoid clogging up forums with posts but I would like to ask more experienced heads for help with my issue.


For a long time now my 7DTD has been running smoothly, however a week or so ago my game would CTD within a 1-5 minutes of starting. The world is 'hosted' by my brother but I am the one that crashes, not him. I have checked as much as I can from my side, please see below:


* Updated all drivers

* Uninstalled/reinstalled the game both on the original HDD and then onto the M.2

* Removed EAC

* Allowed full access through Windows Defender (I have no other anti-virus)

* System runs fine on all other games, I tested the RAM and storage for errors - none showed up

* We use a couple of mods but the mods themselves are updated for both me and him

* We're both using the most up-to-date version of 7DTD


There is nothing out of the ordinary with my PC or its operation and as I mentionned the issues has only started on the last few occasions that I have jumped into the save. My brother (as the host) has had no issues/crashes and always exits the game properly as to avoid save corruption.


I will list my PC specs below and also add the output and crash file below - i'm hoping someone with a bigger brain/more experience can point me in the right direction as i'm sure there is probably some small reason this crashing occurs.


* Intel i7 8700K (non OC'd)

* Gigabyte Aourus z370 gaming 7

* G-Skill Trident Z 32gb DDR4 RAM 3200mhz

* EVGA FTW3 1080ti




Apologies if my crash/output files did not attach correctly, getting used to this forum!


Thank you in advance for any help,


Rage Pizza



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World is corrupted from a crash or improper client exit.


You can attempt deleting these two files, and then pushing time back to close to where it was, but there is still a large chance for errors.




It would be best to just start a new save.

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Guest Rage_pizza

Thank you for the reply.



Just for my own understanding incase this happens again in the future, could you tell me how you determined this to be the case? What is it that I would need to look for the come to that conclusion?


Thank you

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In your log when it was loading the game it failed on loading main.ttw and tried to load the backup file, then that one failed also.

The most common cause for this file to become corrupted is when the client does not exit the save properly. Either because the client crashes, or because it is forcibly closed before the data is saved.


One of the biggest issues with a full voxel game like this one is that there are multiple files that are constantly being accessed and modified by the system while the game is being played. Any time you shut down a program while it's accessing a file, tends to corrupt the file. So power outages, BSOD's, and other similar issues are a real threat to your world save data.

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Guest Rage_pizza

Ah I see. Well, thank you for the advice it's much appreciated. I suppose then backing up save files for this game is the order of the day.

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