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13 hours ago, xyth said:

Fantasypack is vanilla.  I didn't release it for A19 as it was mostly characters from other modders who didnt update the models.  The pack in WW were ones I made special for WW.

Very nice fantasy pack you made for WW, fit perfect into wasteland. In my eyes the A19 fit better into the game than A18, now they look like mutated zombie monsters. The orc and fantasy monsters was cool but did not feel well integrated into the game.

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I have a problem

I have installed: 0-CreaturePackAnimals,1-NPCPackAnimals,0-CreaturePackZombies,2-CharacterEffectsPack and during loading save i recive this errors 

Can you help?


log 1.png

log 2.png

And after  a few minutes of free roaming to see natural spawns in Pois i got this.And it keeps spamming. The only way to exit Game is to alt+f4

log 3.png

And im playing on alpha 19.2 and i i installed these mods via 7d2d mod launcher

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Im afraid there is another porblem

I have installed 0-creatures-humans and 1-Npc pack humans and again there are Errors in console,similar to the previous one. Also  Firearms Expansion 3 mod  stopped working i mean i can't see weapons in creative menu.(i know you are not the author of this mod ,but maybe you can help)

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If there is a character in the bloodmoon spawner with a class other than this: <property name="Class" value="EntityZombie"/> then it likely will blow up on bloodmoons like your seeing.  The class must extend from the EntityEnemy class, so zombies, zombieanimals etc are fine.  Bandits, survivors, etc are not.  The Core has code edits to allow additional classes to spawn, but im not sure those changes were pushed to the public version of the core.


Some mods like War3z all in one add the zombie all group to the bloodmoon spawner.  That will definitely blow up the bloodmoon.

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Okay so i have created a fresh new save where i used debugmenu to start another  blood moon horde to see what is going on in the console.(I didn't want to use commands on my main survival save, because survival must be survival so no commands at all,(It's my a bit strange habit XD). So i got this


And the problem is still present.

And another question 

Is there any way to prevent Behemot zombie spawning? There are too OP. They destroy every single block with one hit XD


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