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LazMan vs Day 63 Horde

Laz Man

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Alpha 18.1 experimental (Build 8), Default Difficulty (Adventurer), 16 max alive. Intelligence / Perception Build (Level 55, Game Stage 132, 60 Minute Days)


Added 1 more dart traps / trigger plates to the death stairs and also started upgrade blocks to steel in anticipation of demo zombies in the near future... :)


Also added 1 more junk turret (blue crafted) :)


Here are a few screenshots until I get the video uploaded.













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when demolishers come. ill join your game and you strap C4 to me and ill give them a taste of their own meds


Hmm, there is timed charge explosive in the game that used to be able to stick to anything...Perhaps the pimps can reimplement that? :)


Edit: I looked at the item.xml and it looks like it still sticks based on the following property?


[b]<property name="StickPercent" value="1"/>[/b]


If so you can live out your dream of running and exploding lol...

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I love your base build so much! What are your plans for expanding, and what are you going to do when Demolishers come knocking?


Thank you for the kind words! I have a rough expansion idea but nothing else aside from upgrading more blocks to steel and adding more dart traps and smg turrets. I am hoping that the current design and my active base defense will be enough to deal with the first few hordes that include demolishers. If my GS level projection is correct, their should be a chance at some demos in the upcoming Day 70 horde. Wish me luck! :p

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