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after many hours my one wish...


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.. besides TFP going to continue working on this great game that cost me countless hours so far, my only wish is a QoL improvement:


Possibility to repair all Blocks in my claim area.


FOr better understanding here the use-case:

After horde night and depending on the base design we spend quite a while to look for the damaged missing blocks to repair them. It not a resssource issue but more an annoying search game.


Depending on the base design and dues the fact explosions of sombies (Police / depolisher i am looking at you) can high through walls and potentially damage / kill blocks you cannot even access to repair it becomes really annoying (or a surprise for later).


Since working with business software myself i am aware it is always a question of implementation effort vs the gain so I'd like to make various suggestions:


* Just repair blocks in claim area (repair All for XYZ resources or by resource = repair al wood bloacks, repair all steel,..)

* Repair and replace missing blocks while also clearing some generated rubble (basically a load restore function, might be tricky if the disgn changed after the save however...)


Obviously that function should not be instant now available when mobs are close (no cheesing hordenight etc).


Other games like Empyrion do have such a feature but i am aware they are probably designed differently..

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Possibility to repair all Blocks in my claim area.

I understand what you mean. We too were looking forward to the bloodmoons but always having back in mind that we need to repair stuff after that what becomes really anoying after time.

On the other hand, it's part of the game and it will take a lot away if you can "oneclick repair everything".


Other games like Empyrion do have such a feature but i am aware they are probably designed differently..

There is a similar system in 7d2d already. It's like the POIs/Prefabs reset for the trader quests.

But that means there need to be a way to define which states of your base (landclaim zone) should be taken as "snapshots" to be restored. And a way to calculate what ressources need to be consumed for repairing. As i guess you don't expect it to be for free.

It's basically the same as saving a construction as a blueprint in Empyrion.


However the situation in Empyrion is way different. You build much more. Usually people have many different ships for different purposes and to repair everything manually becomes unplayable soon. On the other hand you need at least a repair platform to use the repair feature, but the "magic inventory factory" which allows you to build whole bases with no time invest to actually construct them imho is totally overpowered (or as i call it: builtin cheating). And also massivly exploited (at least in A8 of Empyrion you could missuse this factory to build stuff containing parts you haven't learned yet and it's massivly used as an inventory extension. If inventory is full, put stuff in the factory, it's credited as ressources but it's "gone". And you will need it later anyway). But it also depends on playstyle. I have seen many people not even building in the actual game but just using blueprints at all. Some of them at least construct their own stuff in creative mode and then just factory build it in the real game, other people are not even building their own stuff anymore but just use blueprints from the steam workshop.

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Obviously it should take time (like crafting something) and the resources required as doing it manually.

That is also why I suggested it not beeing available if enemies are nearby.


After playing 7days for a hundredts of hours (best money spent imo $$) it just becomes tendious to go in "search and repair / replace" mode after each horde night.


Also I suffer from some for of OCD where I really like having everything repaird fully :)



I tend to co-op with 1 or 2 friends and we play on the 2nd hardest difficulty.

Since there the gamestage seems to scale up really fast (with 2 ppl first Demos seems to show up on day 14 or day 21 horde) and players do 50% entity damage chances are the base does take quite some beating.

Particularly since we insist to avoid taking advantage of "funny AI behaviour"


we use the difficulty setting because for us the challange outside hord night seems to be there where we like it. at lower difficulties it is to easy to just walz into a PoI and kill what you wake up as you go along.

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