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Toolbelt Irritation


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The only thing I really hate at the moment, besides the incremental noise increase as you move is my toolbelt.


I normally keep a stone axe for general relpairs/bashing down doors etc in slot 1. Slot 2 is my melee weapon, normally an iron club until I points free that I want to throw into Electrocutioner.


#3 and 4 have spears.


Now for the irritation. If I throw # 3 I can recover it and it goes back to slot #3. But if I recover #4 after throwing it goes.... Into my backpack? Really?


Nope, just looked the #4 toolbelt slot is empty, why did it go into my backpack? If I just have 1 Z to fight great, but if I've got a small horde I'm trying to kill, or it's a bloodmoon this is a bad situation.


Fix this please!

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