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Trader Protection Missing on Inserted Prefabs with World Generator


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I have a custom map on my dedicated server I have been playing for awhile. It was generated with Nitrogen World generator, although I think this part is irrelevant. Anyways, I recently pulled my world down along with the Save game region files and wanted to add another trader. I currently have some traders in the world that work just fine, and have land claim protection and everything. However, when I add this additional trader (it's settlement_trader_02, Joel), load up the game and force a chunk reset where I placed the prefab POI, the trader shows up but his light is out (not OPEN). Additionally, I noticed that I can attack the blocks on the POI without the land claim.


I have verified that there is a selection box for the POI and the TraderTeleport in the prefab. Any ideas what's going on? Has anyone experienced this? I really don't want to hard-reset the entire region file if I don't have to so it gets re-created that way...


Is this an artifact of the chunkreset command vs resetting the entire region file [deleting]?

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