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Setting up dedicated server


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So I'm playing game with my daughter from time to time through local network and thinking if I should run a dedicated server to somehow unload daughters laptop. So what we've got is:

MacBookPro 2018 with 16gbs ram/ i7 and a RadeonPro 555X 4gbs

Asus TUF with 8gbs Ram/ i5-8300 and GTX-1060 3dbs

home screwed desktop with 8gbs ram/Phenom 9950 BE with GTX-460 2gbs


So having 3 machines I was thinking if it makes any sense to maybe run a dedicated server on the desktop?

I don't have any experience hosting 7D2D server, only Minecraft so far)), so need some advice.


1. Is there any sense running a dedicated server for 2 players in local network?

if yes than:

2. Do I need a separate license for the dedi or 2 licences we already have is more than enough?

3. Some advice to start it up? Tutorial?


Thanks in advance.

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this guide i made awhile back will get you going. the only problem being you need to deal with your router firewall.

if any of the systems are running windows you can host it on your own.



I can also help with a rental as a private server, or just give you a place to play on one of my many public servers.

either way you want to do it. if you have the time i can help you get something going.


my website is here, join my discord if you want more help and advice.

I been doing this for 5 years now and i have a nice community for everyone to play on In montreal, Quebec and one server in dallas texas. all run the latest experimental patch.



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Someone else may be better to help you set up but as for the others.


1. I run a dedi and it is just me using it. I use it because to me it seems to give me more control over the settings. For you guys you wouldn't have to have one person run the game on their machine if only one of you wanted to play for a little while and the other wasn't able to or in the mood at that time.


2. Don't need a license for a dedi. Just set it up and go.


Enjoy your play.

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There are some reasons to run a dedicated server:


1. Both your gaming PCs are not so high end to run the server-part in the background

2. Both may play at different times, so the PC which is hosting the ingame-server needs to be started. Otherwise the other can not play.

3. More options. Not just some settings, but also e.g. running the webmap from allocs server fixes.


Reasons to not run a dedicated server:

1. You don't have a third PC which can act as server

2. Running a rented online-server makes you dependant on your internet connection

3. At least one of your system is powerfull enough to run ingame-server in background and you only play both together anyway

(4. If one of your system is powerfull enough you can also run a client and a dedicated server in separate on the same machine. But that will at least require many RAM. I tried it once on Ryzen 2700X, no problem, but used RAM was ~20GB only for 7d2d client and server. Technically it has no advantage of doing this, besides the server may run without requireing graphics output)

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Thank you all for your replies guys, the only part that was not answered is: If a desktop with 8gbs ram/Phenom 9950 BE with GTX-460 2gbs with an SDD is enough to run the dedi or there should be more ram or the "stone" should be better, or maybe it would only serve for Nevzgane and won't handle anything more...

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SSD should be mandatory for 7 days to die, nothing slows down the game more then a old HDD.

The core i5 you listed would be good. 8Gb of ram is enough for 1 server with 8 players. and a 8K map.


BUT you have to make sure the host is not doing anything else. it just sits there to host the one server.

I have enterprise class hardware and i rarely see my server hit 6GB on any server unless it is horde night and the server is full. i have 16 players on my public servers.


but as soon as you add mods and stray from the vanilla default set up in the server config usage goes up.




""Small correction: The qualifier is unneccesary, it can be hosted (and played) on any OS.""


I am aware of this, but support for any apple OS is very poor and really buggy at best.

Support for linux if fine just not what most people use in a world Ruled by Windows OS, and not what the general public would use, most like me want ease of use.


in 5 years i been using windows server from 2008 -2019 today rarely have i seen issues. linux fails a lot and there is no easy way to fix things and you end up here asking for help.


I know 7dtd is can be hosted on anything if you have time to waste.

I don;t support anything but windows i don;t want to be running through line by line text and silly commands when everything can be done ultra easy. when you host multiple game servers and not just one. time becomes an issue.


That's My pretzel.

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