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weathersurvival.xml: Are more properties available in a18.x than those in the file?

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Even though all the xml properties are documented in the file, I've seem some older posts (not 18.x) with more properties. Are there more properties available you can set? In a18.3 there are only 10 properties in the file, plus TemperatureHeight.


If there are more properties not in the file, what are the defaults (like are they all set to 0 if not explicitly set)?

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Just the rest is implemented through buffs.

Now there are written buffs that control this. Or it is possible to create these buffs yourself, while the developers believe that this is not a priority.

Look at the "buffElementWet" buff - it works with system variables.

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I would just wait on doing anything major.

//onGameRainStart, //Hook Up
//onGameRainEnd, //Hook Up
//onGameSnowStart, //Hook Up
//onGameSnowEnd, //Hook Up
//onGameFogStart, //Hook Up
//onGameFogEnd, //Hook Up

These are all slated to be added at some point.

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