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Does anyone know how weather changes/timing are triggered?


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- Does anyone have any info on how the "global weather" system works? Not the biomes, but the global game weather system.

- How often it normally updates to recalculate weather conditions (like "every 10 in game minutes", etc?). It appears the walking into a new biome may cause an update, but I'm looking for "if you stand in the same biome how long before a global weather update occurs?

- Is there any way *other than the admin cli commands* to trigger/change the global weather using normal XML modding? Like a cvar or something you can set so (as a joke example) you get a buff that causes it to trigger raining/darkness?


Additional questions not related to triggering (sorry, I got off track ;))

- What the parameters are the global weather manager uses and what their values can be? Example: Temperature. I can mod a biome to be <Temperature min="0" max="10" prob="1"/>, but this is to add biome specific variation of 0-10 degrees added to the global weather temp. How hot or cold can the global game weather get? Will the global game manager ever say "its 250 degrees F"? Or: How windy can it get on its own before the biome configs are added?

- I've heard, in a18, that Fog is no longer changeable via XML modding so it's a global weather setting now (I guess) Is this true? Fog settings are commented out in the vanilla a18 biome mods so is Fog no longer a thing?

- In XML mods, is there any way to "read" the current weather (global or biome calculated)?



I know you can mod the "biome" to have some differences in weather behavior for a particular biome (super hot, super cold, windy, etc), but from what I've read there is a "global weather" manager in the game that controls the weather. I've noticed that when you walk from 1 biome to another (like desert to snowy) the weather "updates" (gradually, over like a 30 seconds) to be for the specific biome you're standing in, as if when you crossed into the new biome an "update weather" event was triggered. When you walk back to the other biome it *appears* to happen again. The net result is that this seems to be a possibility:

- Desert: very windy

- Walk into Snow biome: Now it's snowing

- Walk into Desert biome: now its not windy

- Walk into Snow biome: Now it's not snowing

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