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Would be nice if power attacks charged up


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Apart from adding the feeling of winding up a larger hit, it would be nice to be able to have scaling power and versatility.


1. A charged attack takes a base amount of stamina when you start charging.

2. You can release the attack at any point in the wind up, delivering a hit of relative power equal to the charge time.

3. A charged attack takes and deals half the damage of a normal attack at the start of the wind-up, surpassing it as you charge longer.

4. There is a max charge you can reach, with an indication of when you've reached it. Similar to a bow you'll slowly lose stamina while holding the attack, but won't be forced to release it.


Attacks like this could have added benefits to skill points as things could impact it. i.e.


1. The arc of a charged attack increases as you charge it.

2. Charged attacks can be charged 50% longer for increased effect.

3. You move X% faster with a fully charged attack held.



Apart from anything else it would add a bit more variance to melee

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