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Nvidia SHeild TV/Steam Link App/Steam Valve Controller Config Question:


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Hi to all,

I am a happy player/fan of this game, I have just got the Steam Controller (SC) by Valve, and wanted to use it with this game but I am having problems getting it to work through the steam link app integrated within GeForce Now (GFN) seems that I can pair SC to Shield Bluetooth and get the right mouse D-pad touch to work and the right trigger to select but all other buttons are dead need to use remote control or Shield Controller to complete functionality,,, But what I really care about is when in steam app link through GFN and launch 7D2D I can't get SC to Move with left thumb Stick nor Left D-pad and A/X/Y/B buttons are unresponsive.

So my question is is there anyone in the community using a setup similar to what i just described, and have you gotten any success with the SC by valve to work, can you point me in the right direction please?

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