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A18.2 B5 Customized NitroGen Map


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This is a map i generated in combination with nitrogen rules, libnoise

and hand painting in photoshop layers. The biomes, snow layers, and

terrain are customized. Roads and paths are overgrown to keep with

the theme. There are hidden paths to the elevated pois. Rough terrain

between city groups. But there are more than enough POI's to plunder.


Extract folder to your worlds folder. rename your biomes.xml and copy

my biomes to config folder. start new game and point to NitroGenMap3.




8192 by 8192 map.

elevated snow biome.

subtle changes in cliff facings.

dust particles are shut off.

custom biome configuration.

Elevated Wilderness Pois.

Created in A18.2 B5

This layout has 6372 pois to explore.


Biomes 3.0 5 color render This is the link for the re edited biomes png Index color verified

to have 5 color only.



This will be my default map. Ill edit the Lighting, and maybe place a

few watersources later.


Change anything you want.

The map



Poi to Biome Map





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Thank you. Although I messed up the presentation. Its a work in progress. It works without the biome edit.

That was just an added visual. I'm in progress of making it an actual mod. The Xpath was completed with

great help from Sphereii. Now trying to make tool so everyone can add modded maps for plug and play.


If you have any likes/dislikes, suggestions for adjustment or change let me know. I like doing terrains.


One note when it starts, give it approx 20 seconds, to fully render terrain, but that may be because im

generating it on a lower end pc, to set environment anyone can use.

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Below is the basic layout before the snow was adjusted, I hope this helps give clearer picture.

The main forest is in the south. If you use the POI Biome map above it will show the biome locations

by poi color. in south there are 3 main cities, In the central map Forest is shared by snow biome POI's. I

liked to trek between biomes to hunt for specific resources so i made biomes more vast If you post a general

biome layout you like I can paint it. and upload



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Dropped through the world running up a mountain. Exited the game but now I get an error when I try to load back in. I don't know how to get the error report. The error happens when its finishing initializing. (in red ) says


102.91 ERR Exception in thread Generate Chunks.

Argument OutOfRangeException:Argument is out of range Parameter name:iIndex


Then it exits the thread Generate Chunks


(in yellow it says) Calling Animator :Go to state on Synchronize Layer

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I am playing the same map I posted. Can you up load the biomes png. The only time i have had that issue

was when a border pixel for the color map was off by 1 hex. I will recheck the biomes.png and repost.

I have to zoom to 3200X to see the color map.


I will download and install the sorcery mod and render a game to see if my terrain conflicts. I normally play

straight game. But may need to adjust for modded interp.

Do not delete your play through. Until I can resolve it, shut off game, rename my biomes.png,

and use the default biomes.png If you are using the biomes.xml rename mine and use the default one.

from vanilla

The terrain will remain the same, the pois and elevation, The only change will be smaller biome placement

and Temporarily removes the snow caps.


Downloading and retesting with mod now

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I reedited the map in ps layers. I just finished testing it. In the original post

is the link labeled biomes_2.0 log off game and copy this biomes png over my

original one. Adding the detailed snow biome, had some pixels that were off

by a hex that blended at the biome borders. I apologize, It all looked white,

but if not 255 255 255 it causes holes. Thank you for helping me find and adjust

any errors I may have.


Are there any other things that I should change, to make it better?

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Thanks, basically we are playing in parallel, as I edit i play the map.

I will See if I can import an instance of the canyon, and Mine Poi.


For river what would look better on this particular map. 1 expansive e/w

splitting map. expansive plus tributaries to some cities, or just mini rivers

sparsely placed?


Personal project, Minas Tirith city layout.

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Again i like the navesgane big river that cuts the map because its an orientating point for when you are on the map and its geographically significant with cliffs either side. I guess throws bridges across it into the equation too. And of course in navesgane they had those falls too. Are you thinking of adding something like MT?

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I will go to that location and check. if its high enough, I may be able to place the canyon poi.

Since its a single. If you elevate and look down, you will see the cut outs for the cliffs is intentional.

I wanted to separate the cities with natural terrain, but I also wanted pathing between mountains

for when I was on cycle. When on foot I go walkabout over the terrain.So I created a leveled layer

of streets and paths to get across the map, but allowed the game to generate overrun paths to the pois.

Im glad you are liking it. It inspires me to do a bit more.

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Hi Bugged out again. Different error. I'm guessing its your map again. Error was a NullReference Exception which I did not suspect was you but it happened twice and I just glimpsed on the error before I died that it was saying "fell off the world" again. Captured a screen this time. Still not sure its you. Save is not corrupted this time however. Here is a thumbnail. Hope you can read it 559811955_Screen2020-01-1514_59_22.jpg.80e237cf51758759725854a511211876.jpg

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Its too small for me to see. Do you know the coord? It looks like a forest slope from the thumbnail.

If you look here you may find the error log.

\USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\The Fun Pimps\7 Days To Die

Ive been playing on foot all day to test the biomes. But I will Try to rebuild the Biome map in PS then

process through Krita and, NitroGen. Will take me a bit but I will post it.

If you cant get exact coord then an approximation so I can see what is causing error.

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Finally got it 100%. Tested in indexed color mode. 5 color render. There were 347 pixels

out of 67108864 that were incorrect. I used the biomes fixer tool in Nitrogen to complete

the fix. Ive loaded it into my world at home as well. So fingers crossed The terrain should be

100% solid now. I apologize for the delay. I tried a few manual ways to layer solid colors, then

I remembered the tool.


Do me a favor, when you go into the snow biome hit F8 and tell me how your FPS runs.


Above is the link Biomes 3.0 5 color render this has only the 5 biome colors

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It was in a flat part on the edge of a town. Happened twice in roughly the same place on a horde night. The photo is where i respawned. When i get home I'll see if i can find the location. Like i said it didnt seem to be a terrain but the error says, in yellow, fell through the world. I think there is a coordinate. I'm not home for a few days but I'll check the screen dump and give you the coordinates. It's different this time because the save is not corrupted.

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