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Twitch Chat-Spawn


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Hey guys I am seeing a few twitch streamers who are able to use a bot to have the viewers type commands such as !spawnArlene in the twitch chat and a zombie will actually spawn in the game, what bot do you need to do this or how do you set this up?


-Do I need my own server or can i do this locally?

-What programs do i need to run it?

-How do i set it up?


I see wisebot has a intergration with 7 days to die but it only mentions 1 command which is with a subscription and it doing one of two options... spawn a horde or a crate...


Can wisebot do more than this?


Thanks guys I appreciate any input!



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Usually its people who are good at scripting and connecting the Twitch channel chat to a RCON or Controller for your server.  I saw the developers doing a stream where they were experimenting with adding this officially but it is still in prototype. 

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