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Randomly logged into my dedicated server and found this. Is this a lost cause?


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I am a semi-noob administrator for 7DTD servers; hosting only a few for short bursts of time. I logged back into my server yesterday, and got stuck loading into my server. I would hear the ambient sounds, but never log in.


The only way I can get into the server and actually see things is by using dm and teleporting around and flying in god mode.


I have tried scouring the internet and following so many troubleshooting steps, and the video below is currently the state of my base/world. Textures are missing, the world is primarily playdoh, etc. And it's not just the area my base is in either. Check out the video below.


Just looking for an opinion before I try to invest any more time than I have...Is this unsalvageable? Is there anything I can do to try fixing what is missing? It's weird though, because some areas are in tact. But a large majority are just completely gone.


I'd appreciate any feedback or advice greatly; thank you.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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