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Impossible to join my friend on private server


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Hello, I have the game since 1 week since yesterday impossible to join my friend on our private server

At the beginning i was the problem with EAC authentification failed, my friend disable the EAC on the server, now i'm block at the creating player


at the line 448 i have an error please what can i do ?



I tried to delete and install it 3 times and nothing


Sorry for my terrible english

Thank you for your help



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For what it is worth, I joined my own private server so I could compare my log to yours. What I have below starts at your line 440:



2020-01-06T19:18:52 3249.423 INF Biomes image size w= 4096, h = 4096
2020-01-06T19:18:53 3249.678 INF Loading and creating biomes took 414ms
2020-01-06T19:18:53 3250.508 INF Loading and creating shader control textures took 830ms
2020-01-06T19:18:55 3251.977 INF Loading and parsing of generator took 1469ms
2020-01-06T19:18:55 3252.587 INF [DECO] read 568/1020
2020-01-06T19:18:56 3253.239 INF createWorld() done
2020-01-06T19:18:56 3253.506 INF PlayerId(171, 0)
2020-01-06T19:18:56 3253.506 INF Allowed ChunkViewDistance: 6
2020-01-06T19:18:56 3253.550 INF Created player with id=171
2020-01-06T19:18:56 3253.550 INF Found own player entity with id 171
2020-01-06T19:18:57 3253.635 WRN InitBreadCrumbs boidster (898.0, 71.1, -373.7)


What I note is that the PlayerID() call shows a...more normal?...player ID of 171, whereas your log shows:


2020-01-06T21:48:36 96.971 INF PlayerId(20041, 0)


I say "normal" only because later in your log it has:


2020-01-06T21:48:36 97.126 INF Created player with id=171
2020-01-06T21:48:36 97.155 INF Created player with id=181


So it seems that whatever PlayerID() is doing on your side is not returning a valid value, and the input to it (assuming it's actually a function) of 20041 is not a typical PlayerID. So you get this error:


Object reference not set to an instance of an object at GameManager.PlayerId (System.Int32 _playerId


And but so, I guess I'd start looking into what defines a player on a server. You have a Steam login which is how the game identifies you (make sure you are logged in), and there would be save files both on your PC and on the server. Maybe one of those is corrupt?


When you reinstalled, did you go find your old save data and delete it? Completely wipe the install directory and your /users/<you>/AppData/roaming/7DaysToDie stuff (assuming Windows)?


I am throwing darts here; not sure what could be going on. Good luck.


- - - Updated - - -


Aw, man, ninjad by ST.


Does he lose all of his progress with that wipe?

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Thank you both for your reponse,

@boidster yeah i clean all the data save on my computer


@Sylenthunder I said to myself that it did not come from my computer when I saw this error, can you tell me how to wipe my profile without losing my friends' profiles, file name and location please


Thank you for your help

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