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Any way to create my own dtm.raw?


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Does anyone know any way to convert a 16-bit PNG into RAW file compatible with the game? I mean, that file carrying the heightmap info.


What I already tried (on Linux):


Using ImageMagick:

"stream -map r -storage-type short image.png image.raw"


The command can convert the image to 16 bit RAW, but the result is exactly the same as a dtm.png file (requires the swa command to be executed while in game to generate the smooth terrain).


Gimp: The output file is twice as big as it should be, and doesn't work in the game.


Nitrogen: Just like the swa command, it doesn't allow me to selectively smooth terrain (I want the roads I drew (not from app) smoothed differently than terrain)


Any idea?

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Got it! This was my way:


Make your heightmap as usual, but in grayscale and 16 bit depth, and save as PNG grayscale 16 bit format;

With imagemagick run: convert dtm.png -depth 16 gray:dtm.raw


That's all, time to make your own smoothie roads. I hope this helps someone.

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