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Solar Bank


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Though this may be mentioned/requested several times in the thousands of forum comments on this site, I again push for the Solar Bank to be updated to a maximum (5) block Solar Bank instead of the current (4) block. Also allowing an electrical connection to any of the blocks produced, not just a middle block and when connected uses each block for an overall power total.



Ability to create/buy a single (1) block and have that block attach to other Solar Bank blocks up to (5). Allowing us to have a (1) block Solar bank and grow it and the power up to a Wattage that uses each block in succession (from 1 block to 5 blocks)



With a (5) block Solar Bank you have an ability to include a total of the Wattage for "More Power" (Argh Argh (Home Improvement TV Show reference) LOL!)



Next patch or Alpha 19 or 20 - I am sure you are all working on updating the electrical side of 7 Days and this is most likely in the pipe to be updated.


Again just throwing this out there to be considered.


Available for more idea and solving issues that may be needed.


Thanks for the over 3000 hours of fun and building and zombie killing!



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