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Modding clothing Dev Help please :)


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I have been working on modding clothing now for a few weeks and have some questions that would accelerate my investigations and progress.


What version of UMA is being used for clothing?


Is it using Binary Serialization?

Does this have anything to do with the reason UMAplayer is decompressed in one way in asset studio and a custom bundle built with UMA 2 is decompressed with 7zip algorithm?


Are you using regular asset bundles or the newer addressable bundles?


Does the shader in the UMA material HAVE to be the same as vanilla (DNS)?

Many of these things are still hidden in the LoadAssetWithSubAssets_Internal function.

There is just no feed back from there as to why my bundle won't load.


I also assume you use a custom bone structure rather then the layout in UMA2 is this correct?

Nope they look to have the same vertex groups IF:

Is the bone structure in umaMaleUnified the one you use in game?


Also many of the zeds have a t pose but the UMA male seems to have an A pose, what do you go off of?




Any help on this would be truly appreciated :)





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