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Clothing stats

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Either the interface isn't consistent, or I'm not understanding the information it's communicating. For example, when I look at my level 4 military helmet and click "Modify," this is what I see.



Now in the stats on the right side, it says the noise increase is 10%. On the stats on the left side, it says the noise increase is 0%. Note that this item has no mods installed that affect noise, nor am I wearing any other clothing that affects noise. Stamina/s is different too. So why are these numbers different? Is one of them wrong?

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I think it is a bug also its the same on windows.


Sorry i wouldnt have posted such a small detail but while i tested it i noticed my stamina decrease inconsistently when switching items and thought it was the helmet and stealth boots but i realised after that it was because i had been in the game for 2 game hours


I edited this post and took the video link out and put in the above explanation

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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